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The Black Hill development team have excellent skills, high demands on quality, pay great attention to details, have great ingenuity and always sets the user’s needs in focus when we develop our products. All this ensures highly functional products in elaborate designs and high quality. Quality is something that is very important to us at Black Hill - therefore, we spend a lot of time with details. We only use materials of high quality, strong seams, extra well-sewn attachments of straps and carry handles and we use sturdy zippers.
Along with the factories we manufacture products with thoughtful, smart solutions that will serve as a convenient tool and a tool that can simplify the daily lives of users. A Black Hill-bag is meant to be used extensively for a long time and we are sure that you will be satisfied. We are constantly in contact with the factories and carrying out inspections to ensure the quality of the products is equal to the high demands of us and our customers.

All Black Hill products are designed and developed by our own experienced development team in Sweden. The products are developed from the start until end and tested thoroughly in various forms of quality and environmental tests to cope with its intended purpose in the best possible way and at top level. Black Hill is a brand of high quality, long life, with smart solutions and well-made design!

Social responsibility - CSR

Responsibility is important

At Black Hill, we see our social responsibility as an important part of our work. We have deliberately chosen work in regions where social responsibility is at a higher level than some other parts of the world. It is to us very important that the working conditions are good and follows the local laws, that wages are on a proper level and illegal child labor does not occur.
We are constantly working to influence the improvement of working and environmental conditions and the  benefit levels of the workers in our factories and in recent years there’s been a clearly noticeable improvement of the wages and worker’s values have improved.

In our Code of Conduct we make demands on our suppliers and also see the cooperation as an important part of together helping to become better in this work. We regularly visit our suppliers and follow personal development and ensuring that our requirements and wishes respected. We also carry out third-party inspections of the suppliers.

Green Line & Environment

It's important to work for a sustainable future!

Black Hill cares about the environment and its future!  At Black Hill we have long experience in producing products in Asia and constantly continue with measures to improve the environment with special focus on material development. In our cooperation with our suppliers, we try to continually find and develop methods of production, processing and materials that are better for the environment.

We are far ahead with environmentally friendly materials. All of the products we develop are manufactured in accordance with the EU REACH regulations, but with GREEN LINE we special order all materials to be free from all the harmful chemicals that are listed on the SVHC list (Substances of Very High Concern) in REACH Annex XIV. As many of the chemicals on this list are still allowed in many products we choose to take them all away to help our future environment to grow better. This is GREEN LINE!
As of 2018 all our bags are produced with GREEN LINE materials and in not long time all
our bags will also be GREEN LINE certified.
We also work with recycled and organic materials, both for our caps and beanies as well as bags. We are certified GOTS supplier and Fairtrade licensed. We can offer many different products in environmentally friendly materials - just ask us!

We put a lot of time in developing our cooperation with our suppliers and strive for as good conditions as possible for the workers. We also have a close cooperation regarding environmental challenges and we regularly visit our suppliers and follow personally the development and ensure that our demands and requirements are met. We also perform third-party inspections of suppliers to make sure that good morale and working conditions are maintained.

Contact / Information

Backegårdsvägen 1 | 459 30 Ljungskile, SWEDEN
Office: +46522-587285
Email: info@blackhill.eu

Contact / Information

Backegårdsvägen 1 | 459 30 Ljungskile, SWEDEN
Office: +46522-587285
Email: info@blackhill.eu

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