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Black Hill only works with carefully selected and quality tested materials and we spend much time on developing smart products with useful, clever solutions and features on the bags! Here you will find all the info you need!!

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Materials & Quality

Quality, design and durability

Black Hill are only working with good materials that are quality tested and verified - and we are in daily contact with the factories that manufacture OUR products. We also performing more quality tests like pull tests and wear test to make sure the bags can perform. All of the Black Hills products are self-produced and designed by our team in Sweden. So we think it is extremely important to maintain the quality and standard of our products. It is about developing stylish bags with all the features you need and that they are durable for a long time! A Black Hill-bag is quality, design, smart solutions and durability!

1680D Polyester
A luxurious, powerful, durable material used to make many some tougher and sleeker bags and products. Suitable for both transfer printing and embroidery.

600D Polyester
Classic material found in many of our bags - stable, durable material of high quality with a good price! Suitable for both transfer printing and embroidery.

Recycled PET

The material is made from recycled PET bottles, a way to keep plastic out of the environment and avoid wasting the earth's resources. The recycled PET material is reinforced with TPE, an environmentally friendly, PVC-free backing that makes it waterproof and stable.

420D Nylon Gorge
Exclusive and durable material with a fine texture and small check pattern. This material is also recycled PET/TPE and PVC-free. Found, for example, on our most exclusive computer bag Glasgow. Print and embroidery friendly.

Polyester Jacquard
Jacquard patterned polyester is a very nice, soft, flexible and environmentally friendly material according to the Green Line. Gives a luxurious appearance and is used for our cooler backpack Island and laptop bag Preston. Suitable for both transfer printing and embroidery.

Soft PU / PU
A soft flexible material that we use for our Douglasserie. It is a faux leather material and PVC-free. Print and embroidered.

Cotton Canvas
Strong and durable fabric in 100% Cotton Canvas. It both looks great and has high quality - our canvas is really strong and gives a real retro feel while being very soft and pliable. Suitable for both transfer printing and embroidery.

Soft, supple and slightly thinner material with a grid pattern that is still of high quality and regularly tested, used both as a base material on bags or as a nice contrast or design choice. We have several different types of Ripstop. Print and embroidery.

Green Line
Black Hills environmentally friendly way - Green Line means that the product is a little bit extra adapted to preserve the environment. We
special order all materials to be free from all the harmful chemicals that are listed on the SVHC list (Substances of Very High Concern) in REACH Annex XIV. As many of the chemicals on this list are still allowed in many products we choose to take them all away to help our future environment to grow better. This is GREEN LINE!

Strong seams & zippers
We at Black Hill thinks that it is important with strong seams and zippers on our bags - so we are making sure that the it's well done and that we are using extra-strong stitching on the handles, rails, straps and so on to endure usage for a long time. We are careful to check the quality and run tests on both the factory and in the warehouse. Black Hill is also working always with heavy zippers of high quality, because we know how annoying wrenches loosening and zippers breaking can be. Black Hill bags usually have two-way zipper.

Inner walls
In almost all cases Black Hill uses strong inner walls of the same material as the rest of the bag. This is to ensure stability and quality throughout the bag. We're not using cheap and thin materials hidden inside the bags, we're only using materials with good quality in the whole bag!  This results in long durability and stability of the products.

Details, pockets, solutions and functions on bags

Black Hill - Clever Solutions

We at Black Hill is very accurate and careful as we develop and manufacture our bags and backpacks and spend lots of time on quality, functionality and design. Here is an explanation for the different functions, details, solutions and names mentioned on the page.

Security Pocket
Keep valuables safe! The security pocket is a appreciated and smart pocket which is positioned on the backpack's back and which always have zipper closures, and in most cases with a small protective flap with Velcro closure.Suitable for passport and wallet.

Value Pocket
Keep track of your things! The Value Pocket is a zipper pocket located inside the main compartment or in another pocket on the bag. Perfect for storing smaller things, such as: pens, coins, notes, keys, travel documents or passports.

Adjustable Shoulder Straps
The bag is a tool that will simplify everyday life and constantly used, therefore it is important that it can be worn in a convenient way that suits the user. We only work with adjustable straps so you can adjust the length to suit the user requires. Most bags are double adjustment for perfect alignment. Most of the bags also have a padded shoulder plate.

Overnight compartment
The overnight compartment is an added luxury available in some of our bags. It may differ slightly depending on the bag but it is included in bags especially suitable for traveling. The overnight compartment contain toilet bag-compartment or the more complex and luxurious clothes compartment with straps and multiple pockets that can be found in the business bag Harvard. It is all about order and tidiness!

Shoe / clothes bag
A shoe / clothes bag is a smart and very appreciated addition to the bag. Instead of the classic shoe pocket, we work a lot with the removable shoe bag with a drawstring that you can have shoes and dirty laundry in. Or if the bag is full, you can carry extra stuff in the bag on the side. Easy to remove, easy to fill and easy to use!

Two-way zippers
In almost all cases, Black Hill is working with two-way zippers on the external pockets (some exceptions). This makes it easier for users to work with the bag / backpack and access or add things to their pockets.

Smart zipper for branding
Black Hill are experts in promotional products, the branding zipper is a fine example of how we are constantly working to find improvements and solutions to problems. With this zipper that can be easy accessed you can brand products that may have a padding or a lining inside, which you do not want to mess with inside a transfer printing press or embroidery machine. A clever way to bring quality and make the products easy to work with.

The Organizer is exactly what the name says, a way to organize among your things. An organizer is perfect for work or school where there are many small items such as pens, business cards, notebooks, etc. - a way to keep your things simply!

Exchangeable zipper strings
You can easily extra profile your bag or backpack by changing the bags regular zipper strings against one of the 12st different colors we have available. Perfect, for example, a black bag that will have an orange embroidery - just add a orange zipper string for a nice effect!

Spectacle Hanger
The Glasses hanger is an extra feature available on some backpacks. With this you can smart, fast and easy hang your glasses on the shoulder strap on your chest so they are easily accessible and that you always know where you keep them.

Trolley attachment
With the trolley attachment which you find on the back of some of the bags or backpacks so you can attach your bag on a trolley. Quick and easy to install and gives you good relief on the trip.

Padded laptop pocket
Laptop pocket is to protect, for example, your laptop, tablet or the likes from bumps and smasches of everyday life. These can be found in both backpacks and shoulder bags. These are available in different sizes - we specify the size in centimeters when the laptop-inch size is only the screen and not the physical width which can differ several centimeters between laptops of the same inch.

Here is a indication of how some sizes
13,3"-14" ~ 30,7cm - 34,5cm
15,6" ~ 37,8cm - 38,5cm
17,3" ~ approx. 41,6cm - 42,8cm

Different manufacturers have different sizes of computers. Always measure your computer, the size guide is only a guide.

Adjustable chest / waist strap
On a number of Black Hills backpacks, there are a waist strap, chest strap, or both of them. These are provided for your convenience and works as a relief when the backpack is full and heavy, or it may be comforting to stabilize during long hikes. These are adjustable - chest strap can be adjusted both vertically and how hard it is to be tightened

Document pocket
Keep order in your bag / backpack - the document pocket will help you with this, while it may protect the newspapers, brochures, documents, or anything else. Available in some selected backpacks and bags.

Reflective piping and tape
Black Hill think it is important to be visible in the dark - that's why we have many backpacks and bags with reflective tape or reflective piping that will help to make you visible in the dark. There is no guarantee that you can be seen, but it certainly increases the possibilities.

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