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Tailor the product so it suits your customers needs

The beanie is a useful and very visual marketing tool that often is very appreciated by the receiver. For a relatively low cost you can spread your message to a broad audience since the beanie is a product most people use and carry with them. The beanie doesn't have to be a product only used in wintertime, we'll help you choose the model depending on when it's supposed to be used. Is it to be used all year around, in the summer, or maybe a beanie with a lining that will warm you up in the coldest days of the winter? We'll help you decide and help you find a design your costumer would like! Welcome to get in touch with us! 

What can you change?

The beanie is a very popular and usable product, with great labelling possibilities and other design choices. Here you'll find examples of what you can change to make it just the way your costumer wants. Minimum is 300pcs.

Methods and placing
Special design offers many opportunities when it comes to marking - for example embroidery, print, sublimation prints and cropped prints. Or why not mix these?

Material and size
Would you like another model that our standard assortment? Would you like extra fleece lining or something similar? The opportunity to make changes in materials and sizes are available. (depending on how many)

Do you wish to get another colour than what we have in our assortment that you can get that (depending on how many).

Other design choices
Do you wish to have a knitted in line, contrast seems on the top or anything else? the are many other possibilities. 

Much more
Is there anything else your customer wants? Their own design or something we don't have listed above? Don't be afraid to ask - we make lots of special beanies outside our standard assortment.

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